Theological Explorations Series

Theological Explorations Series

“This series aims to explore the implications of Whiteheadian philosophy and theology for religious belief and practice. It also proposes that process religious thinkers, working from within many different traditions—Buddhist, Confucian, Christian, Hindu, Indigenous, Jewish, Muslim, and others—have unique insights pertinent to the critical issues of our day.

In 1976, we published a book, Process Theology: An Introductory Exposition, in which we aimed to “show the creative potentiality of a process perspective in theology.” In addition to its explanation of process concepts and their application to Christian doctrine, the book noted the contribution of Whiteheadian thought toward ‘intercultural and interreligious understanding’ and took an early stance on the ecological threat, claiming that process theology was prepared to ‘make a distinctive contribution’ to this challenge.

Since the publication of that book, we have seen many others explore these and other themes in articles, books, and conferences. At the same time, the threat to planetary health and the need for ‘intercultural and interreligious understanding’ has only accelerated. This series is an effort to support theologians and religious philosophers in their ongoing exposition of possible Whiteheadian solutions.”

~ John B. Cobb, Jr., David Ray Griffin

Books in the Series

God of Empowering Love, David Polk
God Exists, but Gawd Does Not, David Ray Griffin
Counter-Imperial Churching for a Planetary Gospel, by Timothy Murphy